Egos Slippers Mustard Yellow


Egos’ slippers are made from sheep’s wool which has great insulating properties, with a durable sued sole. They take the shape of your foot and are super breathable. Egos was started in Copenhagen, but the slippers are 100% handmade in Nepal, using wool which derives from New Zealand. As Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, Egos is proud to be able to create jobs, helping the country to take small steps in the right direction.

Sizes: 36 (UK3) | 37 (UK4) | 38 (UK5) | 39 (UK6) | 40 (UK7) | 41 (UK8) | 42 (UK9) | 43 (UK10)

Colours available: Pale Blue, Soft Grey, Mustard Yellow

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36 (UK3), 37 (UK4), 38 (UK5), 39 (UK6), 40 (UK7), 41 (UK8), 42 (UK9), 43 (UK10)