Autumn Winter 2020


Welcome to Pretty Penny’s first newsletter. We are aiming to give you an overview of who we are and what we have to offer both online and in store. The website will grow and expand over the coming weeks and months so keep an eye out for new stock and additions to the website. For now, enjoy our first introduction to us, our wonderful stockists and the beautiful village we call ‘home’.

One of our aims for the newsletter, is to give you a more detailed insight into our stockists. We aim to source products that are Fairtrade, ethical or sustainable, and many of our suppliers are British based. We even have a number of stockists working and supplying products to us from within a few miles of the shop. Those from further afield have unique stories; some are offering support to deprived communities; others are working to create a more circular supply chain and some are using their products to tackle mental health issues.

Firm Favourites

We want to introduce you to some of our long-standing stockists. These are companies who we have stocked products from for a number of years, and are our hard and fast favourites.

Egos slippers are made from sheep’s wool which has great insulating properties, with a durable sued sole. They take the shape of your foot and are super breathable. Egos was started in Copenhagen, but the slippers are 100% handmade in Nepal, using wool which derives from New Zealand. As Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, Egos is proud to be able to create jobs, helping the country to take small steps in the right direction.

We offer Egos in a selection of wonderful colours, from sizes 36-43. At only £36 a pair, supporting a Fairtrade organisation is so easy, and gives you the assurance of well-made, long lasting slippers.

Available in store and online.

Braided Rug is a UK based company, supporting the jute industry in Bangladesh. They believe that creating jobs is the best way to support the developing world. The organic rugs, baskets and table settings are made from natural yarns and are very durable. They are double sided and come in a selection of colourful patterns.

Jute is a biodegradable, renewable and sustainable material and require no harmful chemicals to be cleaned- just soap and water! This means they are not only a lovely colourful addition to your home, but also an investment into a cleaner planet. 

They are a firm favourite in the shop and have been for a number of years. We offer a wide range of rugs in varying sizes and colours, as well as baskets and place mats to mix and match.

Available in store. Contact us for more info if you can’t visit us in store.

New In

At the beginning of the autumn, we decided to extend our range from Best Years, which is already proving to be a popular decision! As an ethical company, ethical sourcing is at the core of their products… and they are super cute! Knitted and crocheted toys bring a tactile quality to baby toys which is great for helping sensory development. They are also robust enough to stand up to even the most active of toddler play. We offer rattles, toys and blankets, which are all suitable from birth and are machine washable.

Available in store and online.

AfroArt are a Fairtrade company that we stock year-round, offering paper homeware decor. This year, we also extended our range to stock their seasonal Christmas decorations. We have a range of handmade paper decorations including tree decorations and garlands made in Bangladesh. AfroArt import directly from artists and through organisations affiliated with the World Fair Trade Organisation. Their goal is to highlight and develop traditional crafts to create new jobs in regions where crafts are an important source of income.

Available in store. Contact us for more info if you can’t visit us in store.

Christmas in Haworth

Whilst November and December would normally be packed with themed Christmas weekends and markets, this year, unsurprisingly, is different to normal. However, it will be no less magical! The cobbled street will be dressed in all its finery; with Christmas trees draped in twinkling lights and windows packed with all things festive. Your local highstreets need you now more than ever! Know that we are working so hard behind the scenes to make this festive period as memorable as possible, and know that your support means the world to each and every small business owner. Follow @ChristmasInHaworth on socials to see what our local businesses have to offer throughout lockdown and into December.